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While the price of Bitcoin has surged by more than 100% this year, only a few are aware of this feat. This is a fantastic time to prepare your cryptocurrency portfolio for the next big spike in value.

It will be too late to prepare for the impending bull run if you wait until Bitcoin hits $100,000. To guarantee that you’re ready when the time comes, it’s essential to begin saving and planning today.

What is the Crypto Bull Run?

You must understand what a crypto bull run is before you learn how to prepare yourself for the impending 2024 bull run. For various reasons, different cryptocurrency investors are interested in knowing when the next bull run happens.

Above all, they aim to maximize a bull run’s advantages. A bull run is a time of significant market excitement and cryptocurrency price increases. A notable cryptocurrency bull run occurred in 2021, while notable examples from 2013 and 2017 have also occurred.

People asking, “When is the next crypto Bull Run 2024?” are probably not sure exactly when the event will happen. Many experts have identified specific triggers that can potentially push the market. The most well-known trigger of cryptocurrency bull markets is the Bitcoin Halving, which lowers the quantity of new Bitcoins that can be mined.

The intrinsic function of the Bitcoin protocol, known as the “Bitcoin halving,” aids in limiting the overall quantity of Bitcoins to 21 million. The upcoming April 2024 Bitcoin halving may be directly linked to the crypto Bull Run 2024 forecast. The phenomenon of Bitcoin halving has the potential to cause extremely strong spikes in asset prices and market activity.

Preparing a Crypto Bull Run Portfolio

Bitcoin Dominance

In any decent cryptocurrency portfolio, bitcoin is a surefire investment. What you won’t see with Bitcoin, though, is melt-facing gains in your cryptocurrency portfolio during the next bull run. It’s improbable that Bitcoin will increase 100 times in value anytime soon or during the forthcoming bull run.

Simply put, Bitcoin already has such a large market capitalization. It would help if you prepared for the off-season to find some truly massive pumps. In comparison to the price of Bitcoin, the prices of altcoins will increase significantly during this time of the altcoin season.

Altcoins Season

Many don’t know when the altcoin season will start exactly, but it’s essential to understand how money moves in the altcoin market. In the initial stage, liquidity is already appearing in Bitcoin right now.

The subsequent development that will lead to alt-season is if Ethereum begins to outperform Bitcoin. During the previous bull run, several discussions suggested Ethereum would potentially flip Bitcoin.

Then, more prominent altcoins, especially ones with solid fundamentals, are purchased using Ethereum. Then, all altcoins begin to pump at once. Even the shitcoins with absolutely no fundamentals seem to be starting to surge.

How To Play The Bull Run

  1. Think about investing 15% to 20 % of your entire portfolio in Ethereum and the equivalent percentage in Bitcoin. Their stability and relative lack of volatility when compared to smaller cryptocurrencies are the foundation of this strategy. It is advised to start your cryptocurrency investment foundation with these two assets.
  2. Find promising altcoins by investigating cutting-edge technology, practical applications, team reputation, and consumer demand. In the current bull market, diversify sensibly, taking into account your long-term potential and risk tolerance.
  3. Developing an exit strategy is essential to prevent being caught at the end of the bull market. There are three exit conditions here:
  • Hitting a specific price goal and making a little profit on reservations.
  • You should leave the market if you observe a substantial change in a critical price pattern, such as a dip below the 200-day or 21-week EMA.
  • If the RSI falls below 25 and the market sentiment is bearish for over three weeks, you should leave the market.

Given the history of Bitcoin and the potential for growth of certain altcoins like Solana, Ethereum, and Avalanche, the 2024 cryptocurrency bull run offers a strategic opportunity. Maintaining a close eye is essential for optimizing profits and managing possible changes.

According to the tendencies in the 2024 cryptocurrency Bull Run projection, you would have many chances to profit during the bull market. Educating oneself about the cryptocurrency market and new prospects is crucial to capitalize on the Bull Run.

The Bull Run is not only dependent on the halving of Bitcoin. It is but one of the primary causes in bull run history. One of the significant developments in the cryptocurrency world is the halving of Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, the halving of Bitcoin significantly impacts the cryptocurrency market dynamics. It’s also important to consider how other factors may affect the bull market’s development. The elements include the increasing institutional use of DeFi and cryptocurrency, as well as the introduction of new opportunities like play real money video poker.

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