Brokers consistently rely on technology to help facilitate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes as well as data verification. This includes the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRMs), which have become ubiquitous resources in the retail industry. In terms of these tools however, one solution continues to distinguish itself from the rest – Intivion’s AltimaCRM.

AltimaCRM is a flexible solution designed to streamline forex brokers’ operations and execute a wide range of marketing strategies. Its tailored suite of services relies on an innovative technology batch, capable of performing specialised tasks that save brokers time while maximising efficiency.

What Can AltimaCRM Do for Your Brokerage?

Brokers are always looking for ways to optimise their lead conversion processes, operations, and overall flow. AltimaCRM was engineered to help facilitate these demands, helping users achieve any sales strategy via advanced automation. This starts with an intuitive approach to maximise not only efficiency in onboarding but maintaining a robust and secure trading environment.

By deploying the latest innovative technologies as well as Google Cloud Vision Services, this solution can not only accelerate but reconcile any compliance needs. AltimaCRM’s Google Cloud Vision API also represents a powerful tool for brokers, capable of leveraging machine learning to analyse and understand the content of images.

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AltimaCRM employs Google Cloud Vision APIs to streamline and enhance the trader onboarding process. The system integrates image analysis to verify a trader’s identity. Upon submission, the API evaluates the image against predefined criteria. For example, if a trader’s identity score falls below a specified threshold, the account creation is halted.

Should the score surpass a higher threshold however, the account is created but remains disabled. If all the submitted data matches, an account is created in an enabled state, ready to trade at once.

Meet the Industry’s Most Efficient Identify Verification

Of course, every brokerage must adjust its operations for KYC verification, adopting the latest technological solutions that can best achieve these requirements. AltimaCRM utilises an advanced ranking system, ensuring one of the most rigorous approaches to identity verification.

Using this solution, traders can interact with agents to submit additional proof of documents. This includes multiple user states that rely on both automated and manual workflow, providing a safeguard against potentially fraudulent activities as well as a layer of human verification. Once submitted documents are verified, an account is enabled for trading.

This automated verification system helps mitigate any security threats but also significantly reduces the workload for agents by eliminating the need for manual document verification in most cases.

Of note, AltimaCRM can leverage other KYC and data verifications third party providers such as Shufti Pro, Jumio, Onfido, and others. Its API is already one of the industry’s most flexible, eliminating data silos and technology pain points before they even happen.

Leveraging Vision API

Brokers are always looking for the latest leaps in security and technology. AltimaCRM’s API can also provide several essential capabilities, including image labelling, face detection, text recognition, and more. Its Vision API can greatly simplify client management in the most secure manner possible.

Simply submitting an image to the Vision API, undergoes a process known as computer vision, where the API harnesses pre-trained models to recognise and extract information from any image. These models have been trained on vast datasets to accurately identify objects, faces, and text within images.

For image labelling, the API can also identify and describe objects or scenes present in the image. Facial detection can even allow the identification and analysis of faces, providing attributes like emotions and landmarks.

In addition, text recognition extracts and interprets text from images, enabling the conversion of image-based text into machine-readable content. Uses can utilise OCR technology to extract text from documents, thus achieving automated verification of names, addresses, and other key information.

This technology is a vital resource, helping achieve consistency between the provided information and the extracted text.


Brokers must constantly adapt and find new ways to ensure adherence to the latest compliance and KYC requirements. AltimaCRM has proven itself as a household name in the industry and a name that more brokers trust to handle their automation and data verification processes. Explore this all-in-one solution and take your management to the next level with AltimaCRM.

About Intivion Technologies

Intivion Technologies is a leading provider of advanced technology and CRM for forex brokers. As a one-stop technology solutions partner for over 16 years, the company offers an agile tool suite for any brokerage operation via its flagship products AltimaCRM and AltimaIB. Intivion has also designed, developed, and implemented large scale CMS websites, bridging forex CRM systems and MT4 trading platforms.

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